I’ve been involved in the building industry since 1988 – long before I had even received my Bachelor Degree in Civil Engineering in 1995 and an EMBA degree in General Management in 2011.

With extensive expertise in various engineering projects and departments, I’ve developed strong management skills and technical knowledge of construction standards ensuring that any project I handle is professionally managed and that the delivery not only meets the client’s expectations, but also exceeds them.

As an accomplished Projects Execution Manager with extensive civil engineering expertise, I would like to share my résumé with you to showcase my performance in managing construction teams and how I have been instrumental in achieving growth and financial success for multinational corporations.

The breadth of my experience, along with the years of expertise in building construction, not to mention my specialized skills, have allowed me to offer proven leadership and a history of significant results.

Throughout my years of practice, my flexibility has allowed me to develop a business acumen to overcome all obstacles and meet the goals of my employers.

My professional experience and personal work ethic will also be assets to organizations, as well as an inspiration to management teams and employees.

Moreover, I’m keen on constantly developing myself to be more adaptable, energized by challenge, and able to manage rapid change with aplomb.

Additionally, as a strong team player dedicated to the growth and success of the organization as a whole, my enthusiasm and motivation will contribute to the strengthening of the teams I manage.

I welcome the opportunity to discuss my professional qualifications and look forward to speaking further.


Kamal Akramah

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Construction Week Awards 2012

Construction Week Awards 2012
The Lifetime Achievement award presentation was made by Kamal Akramah, project director for Kele Contracting, a Gold sponsor for the event


* (EMBA) Executive Master Of Business Administration
- General Management

Preston University – UAE, 2011

* Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering

University of Aleppo - Syria, 1995

* Certified and Registered for Construction Unlimited Decks

Dubai Municipality - 2007

* Affiliated Member in – Society Of Engineers – UAE


* Project Management Professional (PMP),

Sponsored by the " PM Institute ",
At . . . Cambridge Educational Institute.

* Special Course in " FIDIC ",

International Federation Of Consulting Engineer,
At . . . Berlitz Educational Institute.

* Project Management Theory & Practice

With Primavera (P3-e/c)
At . . . University Of Sharjah, Center For Continuing Education.

* English language courses, At " British Council "

* Affiliated Member in – Society Of Engineers – UAE.

* Microsoft Projects Management (MS-P).

* AutoCAD & Microsoft Office.




Queue Point Buildings - 28 Plots NEB Liwan
Staff Village at Dubai Logistic City POE DACC
Mövenpick Hotel Apartments NEB Business Bay
Tower (6B+G+3P+HC+36+R)
Zero 6 Mall (B+G+1+R) WSP Al Juraina
Al Yaqoub Tower Adnan Safarini Sheikh Zayed
(1B + G + M + 70) & Carpark
ACICO Twin Towers

* Nassima Hotel (2B+G+57)
* MUT Tower (1B+G+51)
* Car Park (2B+G+11) Dimensions Sheikh Zayed
Fortune Serene Twin Towers Dimensions IMPZ
(3B + G + 18)
Tamani Arts Offices Arkiplan Business Bay
(3B + G + 3P + 16T + R)
Tower (2B + G + M + 24) Adnan Safarini Al Khan
Huge Building (B + G + 11 – 2Part) Arif & Bintoak Oud Metha
Building (G + 15) Adnan Safarini Al Neaymeya
Building (G + 10) Adnan Safarini Al Majaz
Building (G + 8) Rashid Al Owais Al Majara
Building (G + 6) Adnan Safarini Al Baraha
Twin Buildings (G + 3) Al Turath Industrial (3)
Building (G + 3) Arkiteknik Al Karama
Seven Villas (G + 1) Adnan Safarini Al Refa
Ten Villas (G + 1) Ministry Al Jurf
Laboratory (G + 1) Canadian Al Hamedeah
School (G + 1) Adnan Safarini Al Sharjan
Labour Camp Sheds Hi Art Industrial (11)
Shed & Labour Camp Al Mokadam Industrial (17)
Twin Villas (G + 1) Adnan Safarini Al Abbar
Twin Villas (G + 1) Adnan Safarini Al Refa
Twin Villas (G + 1) Al Madar Al Sharjan
Villa (G + 1) Rashid Al Owais Al Jarina
Villa (G + 1) Al Gurg Al Kawaneej
Villa (G + 1) Concord Al Abbar
Villa (G + 1) Civic Design Al Mezher
Villa (G + 1) Horizon Al Fisht
Boundary Wall (1.2 Km) Al Gurg Al Kawaneej
Service Block & Majles Adnan Safarini Al Mezher


Nationality / Birth : Syrian / 1970

Marital Status : Married + 3 Child

Languages : English, Arabic

Contact : Mobile – 050 4829117

E – Mail :


DACC : Staff Village at Dubai Logistic City

ACICO Twin Towers

Thank’s for your time and consideration,